good listening 101

Listening skills are a cornerstone of elementary school curriculum across the globe, and we’re expected to have developed these skills before we hit middle school. Yet, many of us couldn’t verbalize what those skills are, specifically. How many of us really understand the process of listening? How many of us know how to hear, but…

what style of yoga is for you?

In the age of global exposure, thanks to social media giants like IG and Tik Tok,  most people are aware of the benefits that practicing yoga provides. Still, many people aren’t aware that there are various styles of yoga and that while they may absolutely despise one version, another may suit them perfectly.  

team spotlight: meet candace

I am an introspection, mindfulness, and self-development enthusiast. I have spent the last five years creating space for myself and others to prioritize improving overall well-being and developing a deeper connection to self.