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Candace & Shannon

Welcome to
embody soul

We are Candace and Shannon.

embody soul began as a desire to make space for connecting to spirit. We wanted women in our community to have a space that was safe to be vulnerable; Where they could find support and lean into their personal power. After many false starts, dead ends, and forks in the road, our desire has finally taken shape. Thank you so much for being here and wanting to learn more about us!

embody soul is a Lifestyle & Wellness Blog with three main goals:

  • Encourage others to peel back the layers of social and cultural expectation to reveal their personal core values and desires.
  • Help others take control of their lives through honest self-reflection, critical thinking, and realistic goal setting.
  • Provide accessible tools that promote healing and nurturing the whole person within a supportive community.

Our mission is to grow into our most authentic selves, live the most fulfilling life possible, and help others do the same!

You can read more about embody soul in our Blog post “welcome to the $h!t show ❤