team spotlight: meet shannon

Hi! I’m Shan

Communication has always been the core of my passion – the driving force behind my chosen career path, my hobbies, and my goals. Whether it’s reading, writing, editing, art, dance, or music, it all links back to communication.  

I have a deep-seeded need to understand the ways we express ourselves and the impact of that expression for better or worse. 

Throughout my academic career, I was most successful when I placed focus on effective communication for a global audience. A fact which culminated in receiving the Department of English award for my graduating class at Cecil College, completing my Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication in 2019, and successfully working as a technical editor for global clients for the last five years. 

My Professional experience in the communication industry combined with my love of writing, language, and cultural studies, has honed my ability to clearly articulate my thoughts and help others do the same. I’ve developed a deeper awareness of the ways we contribute to misunderstanding and how culture impacts expression. I am passionate about helping others develop effective communication to reduce both internal and external conflict.

i’m a big fan of

  • Adore Delano
  • Urban Fantasy 
  • Digital Art
  • Herbalism
  • Hammocks

i’m not a fan of

  • Platitudes
  • Olives
  • Birds
  • Absolutes
  • Deep water

i’m always down to watch

  • Center Stage
  • Practical Magic
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Moana

i’m always in the mood to listen to

  • Make Yourself by Incubus
  • When the Pawn by Fiona Apple
  • In and Through the Body (Deluxe Edition) by Trevor Hall
  • Ten by Pearl Jam
  • Wasteland, Baby! by Hozier

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