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embody soul here.

What do you do when you want to do it all? You start a blog.

When we first took interest in starting a blog, we did a lot of research. We read hundreds of articles about blogging, freelancing, starting a business, etc. We took courses, attended workshops, and read books. Through all of it there was a common thread: in order to have a successful blog, you must niche down.

As Libras, we can tell you one partially true stereotype of this star-sign is our indecisive nature. In truth, we appear indecisive because we take a very long time to make decisions. For some decisions, we want to explore every facet of our options: which choice will bring us the most satisfaction, who does this choice affect aside from ourselves, how difficult will it be to change course if it turns out to be the wrong choice? 

For other decisions, there are just too many great options to only choose one.

This later issue is the one we found ourselves facing when trying to choose an area to focus on. How could we possibly niche down when our interests and passions are so numerous and different? 

embody soul began as a desire to make space for connecting to spirit. We wanted women in our community to have a space that was safe to be vulnerable; Where they could find support and lean into their personal power. We also craved a space where we could explore artistic expression; learn and implement more sustainable lifestyle choices; learn skills to become self-sufficient; feel safe to talk about therapy and mental health; help foster stronger community connections; dive headfirst into radical self-love and holistic wellness; drink tea; listen to music; create epic playlists; write; read all the books; do all the things…

In short – anything & everything that ignites the soul.

So we decided not to niche down at all.

We don’t want to pigeonhole ourselves into one way of thinking, one way of seeing, one way of being. We want to sit down with our inner child and remember what it felt like to be curious about everything. Before the world taught us which box we are supposed to live in. We want to take them by the hand and pull them up out of the box they’ve been crammed into so that they can lead us in the direction of our *impossible dreams*. And whoever told you your dreams are ridiculous can go eff themselves – tell them we said so.

We live, we learn, we grow, and we hope you’ll stick around for this vibrant, chaotic journey.

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